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This week’s photo dump: Basically, sunrises and puppies…

So pretty .. sometimes I don’t know how I got so lucky!
The alpacas are so dirty…they choose sitting out in the rain (because who would choose to go in their warmer, drier shelter!)… And they love nothing more than rolling around in dirt! Somehow, with a few dry days in a row, they get clean again but I can’t help but cringe when I see them now and think about how many washes and rinses this fleece requires!!! At least they’re happy and healthy!!!
Chesney, our dachshund, doesn’t like to be too far from the puppy… He’s very protective! This is too far for comfort!
More sunrise
The baby, Mare, and Chesney are the best farm chore pups! They love to help me!
So helpful!
Gorgeous, right?!!
Puppy snuggles and the end of a very long day!! Just what I needed!
So cute!!!
And a little trouble!!
But mostly cute!
The sheep aren’t so convinced by the cuteness!
Nope! Not convinced!
The alpacas need more information…closer please!!??!!
The little dogs are helpful waiting for the school bus, too!
Early early morning!
The barn is ready for action!
Brrrrr… All bundled up while we waited for the kids to get home!
It’s really the wind that gets us…it whips the cold air around. You probably can’t see Carson here because of the camouflage. He’s just to my left!!😁
Chesney and Mare…always playing!
The moon is out!

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