Our Holiday Card

Happy Holidays with love from the Stevenses – Bridget, Carson, Shaleigh (10) and Braden (8)

What can I say? It slipped through the cracks… 🙁

We always send out a holiday card with a family picture… something to show how we’ve changed and how the kids have grown. In the past, we’ve included farm animals, the barn, our Christmas tree, Shaleigh’s doll that she called her baby brother and made me carry around in public, cute smiling kids… so many things. This year, not so much. We’ve been busy… the month got away from me… does the Covid excuse still work?! I don’t know… and I can’t list all of the excuses. Holiday cards is one of my favorite parts of this season… I love to see all of the families and scenery and I love to hear from people that I don’t get to hear from at other times in the year. I don’t have a card this year. I’m sad about it, and I’m sorry… but hopefully this post will work as a substitute.

Happy Holidays Everyone!! We hope that your holiday season and your whole 2022 is filled with happy, healthy days! With love from The Stevenses (Bridget, Carson, Shaleigh, Braden… and a llllllotttt of animals!!)


  • Riley E Martin

    Well, you started calling me Granny (and it stuck when the human Grands started coming…)bwhen your first grown-up pup, Curry, was a baby, so it follows that you’re Granny to Mare, B! Loved the FB Holiday card! Can’t put it on the fridge, but still fun to see your beautiful photos. Merry Daze, Sweets!! See you so soon!! 😘😘😘😘, Mama

    • stevenshomestead

      You became Granny to Curry when I was 28, and you were 51… I guess that is not much older than my 46, but lots different than Shaleigh’s 10. And she’s already taking about how I’ll be Great Grandma to Mare’s pups. 😳

  • Kathryn Lamoureaux

    Oh how I loved to see your 2021 holiday “card”!!! I miss you girl but am elated you all seem happy and healthy living your best life🎄Happy Holidays to you and yours🎄

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