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Photo Update… COVID edition

Not quite as many pictures for this photo week (Jan 10 through Jan 16) because three of the four humans in our house got COVID. Wahhh wahhh wahhhhhhhhhhhhh. Thankfully, the kids l blasted through it with just cold symptoms… And Carson didn’t get it at all this time (he had it in August and the kids and I didn’t!). Three weeks later, I’m still dealing with fatigue, brain fog, muscle and joint aches and some lingering coughing and sore throat… But I’ll take this in a heart beat over hospital stays and death… Obviously!

We still had some amazing sunrises and sunsets, puppy snuggles, walks in the yard, and farm chores… In no particular order!

I will neve, ever, ever get tired of this view.
The sunrises are so amazing… I love when I can catch the little changes moment to moment.
I love how the patterns in the clouds show up with the beautiful colors in the sunrise.
Good morning!
Ahhhhh mazing!
Oh, hello Phebe, would you like to be in the sunrise picture? 🙂
Yes, yes, she would like to be in the picture… is this her best angle? Also… wow on the sunrise!
We have covid… but we can be outside in our own yard… we took a little walk. Fresh air and sunshine helped… I know it did!
Sunsets are amazing this time of year, too!
The clouds are so cool!
Braden was feeling good enough to go duck hunting with the big guys! Lots of getting ready!
Covid girls… and we called this THREE GENERATIONS, because Mare (our pup) is Shaleigh’s daughter, and so, I, of course, am her grandmother.
Back to sunrises…
Oh my… I love the light in these ones! Blue sky, cool fluffy clouds, the sun is RIGHT over “our” mountain., morning flog in the trees… ahhhhhh.
Again… ahhhhhhhh!
More ahhhhhhh…..
Not my best look, but I think it conveys my feelings… so tired, so sore, so sick… and sick and tired of being that way… but Mare helped… she was my constant companion… I do love her snuggles!!
Chesney hung out in bed with me, too… 🙂
We have eggs!!!!! Spring is coming and the girls have started laying again, and it is one of the best things ever!!! I love love love checking for eggs this time of year. I always say, ‘Thank you, Girls!!”
Puppy Love!!
Covid Walks… still feeling (and looking!) crappy here, but trying to get out and move!
So pretty!!
This cloud was crazy… it was blue sky every where else, just this big weird cloud floating there!
Beautiful morning… farm chores and the running of the dogs (and boy!).
In the evening, the alpacas get a little grain… they watch my every move.
Aren’t they cute?! I love these girls so much!
And there’s the moon!

Thanks for reading! More coming soon!!

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