Update,  Welcome!

We’re Back!!!

Did you miss us?

Our website has been down while we switched services! We’re keeping it in the family now, which is awesome! (Thank you, Cousin, for being so patient with my unsavvy techyness, and for all your work to make my website safe and sound!

I also have a new email address at my very own website! I’m such a big girl in the modern world now!! 🙂 Feel free to send me a message at bridget@stevenshomestead.com anytime! I love to hear from you… you can complain, compliment, send suggestions, or even just say hi!!

Now that the security is in place and I know it will remain in place, I’ll be bringing my online store here to my very own website (instead of using a separate ecommerce site) in the next couple of weeks so you’ll be able to shop from here!

I’ll also be updating the Farm Stand, Animals of the Homestead, and Garden pages, too! Don’t worry, I’ll let you know about the updates so you can check them out!

Thanks for checking in and thanks for your patience!!

Happy Day!

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  • Riley

    So glad you’re back!! Keep us posted. I watched the video of the nest-making…loved it! Taking the chick that didn’t make it out of the nest was a bit rough, but that’s truth. We should know these things. Go, You, B!!🥰

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