Fish On with Braden Stevens

Hi! My name is Braden.

I can’t wait for the Makers and Growers Market on September 28th, because I’m having a booth.


A Day at Barnum Point – Sept 12, 2019

Today we had a field trip to Barnum Point on Camano Island with our friends, The Bossios. (The Bossios will have a booth at our market, too.) We walked through the woods to the beach and walked along the beach to another trail. I had a good time, but my favorite part was that I was trying to catch fish with a stick!

I saw the fish in the mouth between Triangle Cove and Port Susan Bay. It was about eight or ten inches long, and it was swimming near the rocks. I didn’t catch anything, but I almost did.

My friends were throwing rocks and it was at the last minute of our time at the beach. I don’t think you can keep fish there, so I just wanted to fish for fun… and add more pictures for my wall!! 🙂 I got my boots and my clothes wet, but it was worth it!

I love it there – it’s so pretty! I love the trails, I love the trail, I love the beach, it’s so pretty!