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Virtual Makers and Growers Market – Vendor Profiles Part 4

You probably know by now that I’m hosting a Virtual Makers and Growers Market on Facebook. We had to cancel our Makers and Growers Market this summer because of the risks and restrictions related to COVID. We built up our farm stand hosted many of our market vendors and their products, which helped take away some of the sting of the cancellation, but when the weather started to get colder and wetter, we had to come up with another alternative!

Here’s the link to the Virtual Market group, in case you haven’t joined yet!

Thank you for following along with our Vendor Profile series. This is Part 4 of the series. If you haven’t checked out Parts 1, 2 and 3, please do! We have so many wonderful vendors with amazing products! I wouldn’t want you to miss anything.

Here are the vendors for Part 4:

Cate Florey Studio

I met Cate a couple of years ago at the Stanwood Camano Fair and shortly after that, I went to her beautiful studio for a yarn spinning lesson! She’s such a sweet and patient teacher and I am so grateful that we met. She joined our 2019 Makers and Growers Market and had some products at the Farm Stand this year, too. I’m so happy that she’s joined the Virtual Market as well! In her virtual market album, you’ll find beautiful hand-stamped metal and leather jewelry and gifts, and felted soap with hand-stamped charms.

You can find her virtual market album here. You can also find her on Facebook, Instagram, and on her website.

Sister + Co.

Jemma and Max Bossio are a brother and sister team and have created a business selling handmade cards and bookmarks. We met because they go to the same homeschool program that my kids do. Sister + Co joined our 2019 Makers and Growers Market and had their cards and bookmarks at the Farm Stand this year. Their products are always a hit, not only because of their fun, beauty and uniqueness, but because of Jemma and Max and their entrepreneurial spirit at such a young age!

You can find the Sister + Co. album in the Virtual Market here.

Art by Ali Abstracts

Alice Jackson of Art by Ali Abstracts is a new friend in 2020. She was a customer at the markets last year and reached out this year from the Farm Stand group on Facebook. I have enjoyed getting to know her better and am amazed at her art. She has such an eye for color and pattern and I love to see the art she creates. Her products include face masks, scarves, bags, reusable grocery bags, journal covers, passport covers, key fobs, snap cases for gift cards, bandanas for dogs, and more!

You can find her virtual market album here. You can also find her products at her online store, and if you use the code FARMSTAND15, you’ll get a 15% discount on your purchases there.

Darcy’s All Natural Soaps and Products

Darcy Allison joined our 2019 Makers and Growers Market last year and at the Farm Stand this year. My kids love her soaps and are always excited to try a new “flavor”. Darcy works hard to make sure she creates quality products that people will love. She makes bar soap, liquid soap, seasonal soaps, lip treatments, felted soap, lotions and more.

You can find Darcy’s virtual market album here. You can also find her on Facebook and at her website.

Thank you for supporting all these vendors – people who are following their hearts, dreams and passions, and making things to help make the world better – safer, healthier, happier and more comfortable! We appreciate your support and your purchases more than you know!

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