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More Wildlife Photos

I thought I’d share a few more photos of wildlife from my good camera over the past year or so.

I think most people think of Blue Jays as pesky pests, but I love watching them. Their blue color lights up the gray of our late fall and winters, and their sneaky antics are kinda fun to watch.

This one is trying to figure out how to get to our bird feeder!

The Blue Jay has some competition for our bird feeder thievery from the woodpecker that hangs around.

We get quite a few hummingbirds off and on – sometimes all at once. It’s quite a feat (for me, with my amateur status) to get my camera to focus on something so small that’s moving so fast. Most of my attempts are blurred messes, but every once in awhile, I get it!

We bought one of Wayne Wendell’s famous bird houses at one of my Makers and Growers Markets last summer, and it’s been fun to see birds checking it out.

And… we have eagles, too! They sit at the very tippy top of a few of the trees and I love to watch them!

This was a cool one… there were smaller birds flying around the eagle… I don’t think they were swooping at it, they were just flying around up there, and I caught one with my camera!

One day, we could hear the eagles making their eagle sound, and we could see a hawk hanging around kind of swooping low in the trees (not high where they usually do). It took a few minutes for us to figure out where the sound was coming from.

I’m not sure if they were guarding a kill or a nest or something, but they were definitely upset that the hawk was around. They were in two different trees and were communicating with each other.

I love that I get to see this stuff in my own back yard!


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