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Dryer Balls – FAQs

Do you know about dryer balls?

They are a natural, nontoxic, chemical alternative to dryer sheets.

Just throw tree to six balls into the dryer with whatever you’re drying (clothes, sheets, towels, or blankets) and they can reduce dryer time, reduce static cling and make your clothes softer.

I make them here on the homestead from alpaca fiber and sheep wool! They sell for $20 for a set of three balls (tax included, shipping is a little more!).

They make great gifts for yourself or anyone on your list! I’ve only had one return out of nearly 300 sets sold or given as gifts! And lots of repeat buyers!

I thought I’d make a list of Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do they really work?


Q: Do they reduce static?

A: YES, that’s the BEST thing that they do! Even with our fleece blankets and kids jammies with feet, I have very little to no static. In fact, the balls kind of absorb the static in loads that might have a lot of static, and come out looking like this:

Q: Will the fiber and wool come off on my clothes? Should I get white for white loads, and dark for dark loads?

A: Nope! They are felted and they fibers are securely attached to the ball. You can confidently use the white ones with dark loads, and dark ones with white loads!

Q: How long does it take you to make the sets?

A: It’s quite a process and I never just do one set – I do them in batches, phases. I’ll do a separate post about the process, but for now, here’s the short version – wash, dry, card, form, felt, trim, felt again, dry, and then package! It’s hard to say how long it actually takes because i’m doing lots of other things in between, and again, never just one set at a time… I’m guessing it’s about two hours of total time put into each set. I’m clearly not going to get rich making these, but I do love it!

Q: Do they stink? Will they make my clothes smell bad?

A: NO! The fiber and wool have been washed many many times before it reaches you, and they actually smell like my laundry soap (and the burlap bag) when you open them. After a run through in your dryer with your clothes, they’ll smell like your laundry soap!

Q: I love using dryer sheets because they make my clothes and house smell, well, like laundry!

A: I KNOW! That was the saddest part for me when I stopped using dryer sheets… I loved the smell of laundry. Then i started adding a few drops of essential oils – my favorite is lavender! – and it’s so amazing how great everything smells… and no chemicals!

Q: How long do they last?

A: For years! I would say AT LEAST 1 to 3 years, depending on how much laundry you do, and how many sets you are cycling through! They just get smaller and tighter with use, but they still work! You can “recharge” them every so often by washing them with a load of laundry and then drying them again.

Q: I saw some wool dryer balls at the store for $9.99… why would I pay $20 for yours?

A: Hmmm… good question! First of all, mine are 100% fiber or wool. Nothing else. No plastic, no other materials on the inside to fill it up and take up space. Second, they come from our animals or animals from local farms (I do run out of fiber eventually). Third, I make them by hand… in my home. Fourth, all of the proceeds go to keeping our homestead going – caring for our animals, projects around the homestead, community events on our property. And, fifth, because when we make a sale, my whole family says, “WOOOOOHOOOOOO!”. I’m pretty sure the people at the store do not! 🙂

Did I miss any questions? Shout them out!

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