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Cookie Mix In a Jar

One night last week, Carson really wanted cookies! I can’t always accommodate that request but when I can, I try because Happy Husband, Happy Life… or something like that! Plus… the kids like cookies, and so do I, so it’s a win win win!

We’d just gotten home from gymnastics and I did farm chores in the dark, and I was trying to get dinner going for the kids, and get the bedtime routine moving along and I was both craving cookies, and feeling overwhelmed with getting all of the ingredients out and measuring, and wah wah wah…

Then I remembered… my cookie mix in a jar!

I made a bunch of these for the Holiday Market last month and still had a few left.

It was perfect! I just beat butter, egg and vanilla in the mixer, then dumped the whole jar into the mixer and got everything combined, and baked for about 10 mins, and we had cookies.

We even had a heart-shaped cookie… which everyone knows is a good sign!

Are you looking for a gift for a teacher or neighbor? Or maybe something to go in a basket with coffee and a mug? Maybe a college student who doesn’t have space for all of the ingredients… there’s always room for a jar!

I have a few of these left. Let me know if you want them! They were $10 at the market, but now through Christmas Eve, they are on sale for $8!

Email me at, and we can make arrangements!

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