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Happy Halloween!

I have to say that Halloween has never been been my favorite holiday… I mean, as a kid, I liked it because, well, candy… but I never really got into the dressing up thing (people who know me won’t be shocked by this, ha!). I think I was a “punk rocker” at least a couple of times, and a ghost a couple of years. I wasn’t very creative.

And when I became a parent, I didn’t love it for different reasons. All year long, we work so hard on manners – pleases, thank yous, waiting until someone offers you something – you don’t ask, etc. Then on Halloween, we send the kids door-to-door to say “trick or treat” – in other words, “give me candy, or I’ll play a trick on you”. Hmmmm….

However, I do like the community part of Halloween. When we lived in Seattle, we would get to see all of our neighbors – either in passing between houses or when we went to the doors. And, this time of year, we rarely see our neighbors because of weather and busy schedules. So that part is always fun.


I was talking to the kids about this in the car yesterday and they were laughing hysterically… and they agreed that it’s weird. My kids have watched the movie Coco, which is about Dia de los Muertos. So we talked about that a little bit yesterday, too, and I asked them what it celebrates – and they said it was about celebrating our elders. So I asked how Halloween plays into that… and, honestly, I don’t know and neither did they!

So, I decided that we should know. I want to know more about the history of the holidays and if they are related or not. So… I’m making it a homeschool social studies activity today!

In case you’re curious, too, here are the links to information I found.

Later today, we’ll know much more!!

In the meantime, here are some cute pictures of my kids in Halloween costumes throughout the years! (See, I’m not a total party pooper about it!)

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