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Sheep in the Moonlight

There are several stops and jobs in my evening farm chore routine and sometimes, I switch things up and start at what’s usually the end. Sometimes I get part way through one job and realize another job (that wasn’t on the original list) needs to get done, and I get distracted. Sometimes, I forget things.

Last night I got done with chores early because I skipped the garden, and decided I’d do alpaca poop patrol in the daytime instead of at night. I was sitting at the dining room table, trying to get caught up on some emails, and I noticed that the sheep light (with motion detection) kept coming on. At first, I thought it was just a bunny hopping through their outside area, but after it went on and off five times, I decided I better check it out.

That’s when I noticed that I forgot to put the sheep in in their shed… they were standing in their outside area looking up at the house, confused. You can see Tallegio in this picture, wondering what is going on. (Also… amazing moon last night!)

I always feed the boys, and then close the gate to their shed (with them safely inside), and then close the gate to their pasture as another layer of protection from predators (coyotes and cougars).

Poor Tallegio… He’s saying, “Laaaaady!!! What’s going on?!? Ahem, I think you forgot something!” And Phoenix is saying, “Well, as long as this gate is open, I’m going to stay in the pasture… but only about one foot or so in the pasture…because it’s scary out here, all dark and stuff!”

Luckily, they were pretty easy to get back into the shelter with just a tiny bit of feed… and then I closed the gates, and snapped a few photos of the beautiful moon! I’m glad I got to see it!!

Sometimes it’s a good thing that I forget stuff on the first round!


  • Riley Martin

    They had each other’s backs, just in case you hadn’t been catching up on emails. They’re so handsome and sturdy. Apparently, on this brightly moonlit night, they were also sleepy. Better you realized before they woke you in the middle of the night…

    • stevenshomestead

      It can be exhausting, but there is almost always something that the animals do that makes me smile while I’m out there and makes it all worth it! I do almost all of the daily farm chores (morning and evening) and the garden, but my husband does almost all of the yard work, and I make the kids “help” or help as often as I can handle the fight that sometimes comes with that!! Thank you for reading!! (And for commenting… it’s good to know people are reading! 🙂 )

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