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Our Barnum Point Preserve Field Trip

The kids and I, and another homeschool family, took the morning and explored a beautiful park full of woodsy trails and an amazing beach. You can find more information about the park and its history here. We will definitely be back! On the way out we met a couple who traveled from Seattle because they heard about the park, so word is getting around! 🙂

All six kids in our group walking!! Kids and trees!! So beautiful!

Here they are exploring the beach. The tide was out and they were looking for shells and crabs and whatever else they could find. I love to watch them exploring and using their brains, and sharing what they know!

The beach, the driftwood, the clouds… all perfect this morning! (The calm before the storm this evening, as it turns out!)

More exploring, and rock throwing before we left the beach to head up to the apple orchard!

Shaleigh found an oyster shell!

Braden was all about the fish – finding fish, wondering if we could bring them home, wondering how to catch the fish.

And using his stick to fish! 🙂

Look at those big kids – girls holding hands as usual, all walking way ahead of the moms!

Very excited about apples because they were all hungry from the hike and beach time! They needed fuel for the hike back to the car!

And running and cartwheels!!

More apples!!!

Using a piece of driftwood to get the “good apples” way up high!

It was a great day and I can’t wait to go back to explore more of the trails and views and lessons!

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