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Baby Chick Update

I’ve been meaning to post an update about our baby chicks, but I haven’t been able to get any good pictures… and we all know how many words a picture is worth… it seems like the best way to do an update. I got some good ones this weekend, though! Woooohoooo!

Here’s Curry – the one we hatched! We’re pretty sure she (we hope!) is a combo of a Wynadotte (Wyndy) and an Austrolorp (Nolan the Rooster).
Here are both chicks and their Mama, Buffarina. Sparkle, the speckled sussex chick (on the right), is just two weeks younger than Curry, and a little bit smaller… but when she’s trying to be big, she definitely can be!
They’re eating the scobys from our home-brewed kombucha! The big chickens are acting like they’ve never seen anything like this before – even though they have… recently!! The babies dove right in!! (So did the grown-ups… it just took a minute.)
Happy Little Flock!

The babies are healthy and strong and curious! It’s been really interesting to watch chicken motherhood. Buffarina always has an eye open and knows where they both are at all times.

One day, when Becca and I were chatting near the sheep, we heard the chickens – all of them – going crazy. I thought it was the fun song they sing when someone lays an egg – we went a little closer to see what was going on. Turns out there was a hawk sitting on their fence. We scared it away, of course, but we couldn’t find the chicks. We looked and looked, and then finally, I saw Curry hiding, perfectly still, under the blackberry bushes. Buffarina must have told her to stay there until she says it’s safe.

Curry is nearly two months, and Sparkle is two weeks behind her, and I’ll be interested to see when the transition from Buffarina as mom to Buffarina as flockmate happens. For now, I’m just loving watching this little family and all of their interactions.

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