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Hard Times on the Homestead

I’ve been MIA here on the website… I’ve been juggling a few family emergencies and trying to keep the big wheel spinning, as my husband says.

Here’s a VERY QUICK summary of what’s been going on:

Carson tore his biceps tendon on Sunday, June 9, trying to keep our crazy dog, Cotter, from running through and over the crowd of people we had in our living room during a family gathering.  After an urgent care visit, an MRI and two orthopedic surgeon consults, he had surgery to repair the tendon on Thursday, June 13… one week ago.  Unfortunately he will be on light duty for quite some time, and as a self-employed carpenter, and the main breadwinner in our family, this has us scrambling a bit.

We have very supportive friends and family and we’ve had so many offers of help and encouragement.  We have scheduled a couple of work parties this weekend to help with projects that need doing but need two skilled hands, and just general yard work that Carson can usually do/help me with but obviously can’t for a while.  And I started a GoFundMe page because so many people were wondering how they could donate to our cause.  This seemed to be the simple way to do that.  Here’s the link if you want to read more of the story! Help for the Stevenses GoFundMe Page

I’ll do an update tomorrow on the more farm-related emergencies we’ve been having.  Now I need to rest up for another big day tomorrow.




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