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Walking the Bunbuns

I read that the bunbuns should be getting some outside (their hutch) time and that they like to explore and take walks on leashes. This intrigued me so I bought some leashes with harnesses at the feed store yesterday.

It’s a little (okay a lot) less fun and relaxing than I thought it would be.

The plan was that Braden would play with the buns and I would do some weeding and planting in the garden.

That didn’t work. Rosie is adventurous and Blossom is scared frozen.

Braden tried to get Blossom to venture out.

And I had Rosie.😍

Blossom did get a little bit braver, thankfully, but she got tired quickly!

Here’s Rosie checking out the garden!

And the weeds!

Shaleigh and I tried my you-play-with-the-bunnies-while -i-garden plan. The bunnies tried to go different directions and she dropped one of the leashes.

Luckily we caught them and I cancelled my plan and we played with bunnies together til they got tired!

Turns out it’s a grown up hands on job not a turn the kids loose job… ok, I’ll play with the cutest bunbuns around! Tough job!😍


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