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Some cuteness!!!

Here are a few picture updates from the homestead.

Nolan the Rooster is now allowed to be with the hens and he is quite pleased about it!

He wasn’t so pleased that Phoenix was checking things out though!

Taleggio and Phoenix eating their breakfast before eating out to graze in the field!

Braden catching some baby ducks at the farm up the road!

Our new Bunbuns – Blossom and Rosie

Rosie resting on Shaleigh’s knee.

Rosie and Braden K-I-S-S-I-N-G!

Braden helped with farm chores tonight and filled up the alpacas’ water!

Zoe likes to put her foot in the water IMMEDIATELY after we fill it with fresh water… mostly just this one (we have two)… it’s maddening (and hilarious!).


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