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Picture Updates from the Homestead

Here are some of the latest picture updates!

When the four kids get along and do something together, I need to document it… even if I have shoes and upside down laundry baskets in the background!

Hattie and Nora met the bunbuns!


Shaleigh didn’t want to share, and Hattie wasn’t happy about it… and there’s Nora with her “sassy pose”!


The girls like to be twins when they can… Shaleigh usually waits to get dressed until she sees what Hattie brought.  It worked out perfectly this day… farm girls in fairy dresses!



Notice the rain (farm) boots strewn about (kicked off)!

Here’s Shaleigh and Nora with the “sassy pose” again!

And again!

Papa was “surfing” Nora… The kids thought they would have a turn, too… Nope… sorry!

Some Spring garden/yard updates!

Here’s our grape, um, area!  We don’t know what we’re doing with them…

I think they’re supposed to be trimmed way back, but they’ve come back and had lots of grapes (green and red) every year so far… looks good this year, too.

THis is the view from the sheep shed during my evening farm chore rounds.  I love ths little cluster of trees – apple, plum, walnut, and evergreen.  There’s often a bald eagle in that far evergreen tree in the mornings and evenings.

Here’s the house and yard (and sheep shed to the left) from the chicken coop during evening farm chores.  

The days are long and busy this time of year – and just get longer and busier with watering the garden soon – but this is my reward… the quiet, the beautiful scenery, the animals all being so happy to see me (mostly because I feed them) and they don’t whine at me, like my kids do most of the day! 🙂

I might need to start loading a camelbak or one of those beer helmets (perhaps this one?) with wine for farm chores… (not a glass because I can’t hold it, and if I put it down, it’ll get hay or poop or fleece or feathers in it).  Hmmm… I’m liking this idea! 🙂

The bunnies have settled in nicely!  The kids are doing most of the work for them… sometimes the coordination and oversight by me is more than my actually just doing it though so we’ll have to get better about that.  They are so cute and snuggly and we love to go see them.

The wisteria in the front yard has started flowering!  Just in time for Mother’s Day!

The Farm stand has been a success so far.


We have alpaca poop tea, and lots of veggie starts out.  We’ve gotten to meet a few of the people who have stopped by and I’m pretty sure they’ll be back when we have veggies and fruit.

I’m in the process of planting our garden so watch for updates on that on the Our Garden page, here.  I love this time of year… and I really love when we can harvest things… the time between now and harvest is really hard for me, but I’m going to try to be more patient this year.

Thanks for reading this far!  🙂




  • Riley

    Beautiful photos, as usual! Luckily, Shaleigh and Hattie wore their fancy dresses for the shoot!. Can’t wait to see you tomorrow!

    • stevenshomestead

      The dresses cracked me up… they sat in the dustiest sand around several times and the dresses came out clean… their legs and hands were grayish brown but the dresses weren’t! And perfectly matched, too! What are the chances?! See you tomorrow!❤

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