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Meet Rosie and Blossom

A few days ago, our neighbor’s aunt contacted me about her Mini Satin Angora Bunnies. She loves them but her dog wouldn’t leave them alone. She’d built an amazing hutch for them and had all of the things they needed (hay, pellets, bedding, etc). She just needed to find then a home where they could be happy and not be scared by the dog all the time – or have the dog in trouble all the time for doing what he’s supposed to do.

Donna said she read our blog and thought that we would make a great family for her bunnies.  She homeschooled her four children and she really thought the bunnies would be perfect for homeschoolers.

All of our animals have come from homes/families where they were loved but needed a new home for one reason or another.   The bunnies fit right into that.

We set up a time to go over to meet the bunnies and see their set up and what they might need and how to take care of them.

Donna gave the kids such a great lesson, starting with what everyone needs to survive (food, water, shelter, love, and brushing!)

The she brough out the bun buns!!!  Oh my goodness, they are cah-uuuuuute!

And we learned how to clean their hutch.

And, the moment Shaleigh and Braden had been waiting for all day… they got to hold the bunbuns!

Shaleigh’s holding Blossom and Braden’s holding Rosie!

And so did I!  I held Rosie!

Carson even got into the action!  He’s holding Blossom!

You might have guessed by now that we liked these girls and that we decided to bring them home to the homestead and add them to our farm!

Donna gave us the hutch… she found it on craigslist and completely revamped it, even adding a roof and shingles.  These are some lucky bunnies to live in such a fancy place – another reason that they fit perfectly on our farm… our animals have very fancy shelters! 🙂  Donna also gave us some hay, pellets, straw and other accessories.

Here’s a look at the hutch in its new home on the Homestead.

We put it right between the chickens (on the left) and the sheep shelters (on the right – it’s the fanciest sheep shelter around!).  This is perfect because they have some shade and some sun, and because when the kids and I do farm chores in the morning and in the evening, it’s all in a row.

Braden has been doing some woodworking in the barn with Carson and he made the box you see in the picture above.  He didn’t really know what he was making it for but, it turns out, it’s perfect size for the bunnies to have some outside time and still stay safe, and for the kids to get in to play with them!


We are so in love with these little girls!  And we are so grateful that Donna thought of us as their new family.  Looking forward to more visits with her both here at our house and in her beautiful garden!


  • Melissa Borthwick

    Built a box just like Noah built an ark! Didn’t fully understand why but did it anyway. These bunnies are the cutest!

    • stevenshomestead

      It’s so funny you say that because I keep saying that we have a little ark here with two or three of each kind of animal! And, yes, don’t you love thinks like that? You don’t know why you’re doing it, but then it becomes clear? So awesome!

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