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Feeling so grateful


I took this photo last night, but I just keep staring at it.  This is my home, my favorite view, the happy place.  I still have a hard time believing it sometimes.  We love living here so much and we are really making an effort to take the time to sit and enjoy it more.  There’s always a lot of work to do, especially this time of year – yard work, gardening, animal care (someone always needs food or poop clean up or love!), and don’t get me started with what needs to be done inside the house (oh, ok, I’ll get started – dishes, laundry, vacuuming, dusting… and then as soon as it’s finished, it’s time to start again!).   We enjoy doing most of the this work, honestly… what else would we do with our time, really?  It keeps us active and young (okay, not actually young, but… anyway!)… we really do enjoy what we have, and we love the way everything looks and feels when the hard work is done… I love that we can be proud of where we live, and share it with others.

After last month’s market, we were so tired that we could hardly move.  We declared it Lazy Sunday, and it really was.  We fed the animals and the children (and ourselves) but we really did take it easy for the first time in forever.  Carson asked, when was the last time we had a day like this?  And I honestly couldn’t remember ever having that kind of day.  We plan to have another Lazy Sunday after the market tomorrow, and I’m looking forward to it!

Tonight, I’m feeling so grateful for where we live and where we are in our lives.  This market has been such an amazing example to me of dream it, make it happen!  It is so out of my comfort zone… the introvert side of me is just shaking her head wondering what is happening.  I opened myself up and talked about this little dream I had of having a market celebrating people who grow and make things… it was one of those “if you build it, they will come” things… but I thought it would take years to build.  All I did was open my mouth and say it out loud and people are coming – sellers and shoppers!  It has a mind of its own and I love watching it grow.  I love to think about all of us getting ready  for the market – putting ourselves out there making things and sharing them with others.  I’m meeting wonderful people and learning so much every day.  Every day, I hear from people about how great this market is and how fun it is to be part of – sellers and shoppers.  Our community is so wonderful and I love how connected everyone is to other people – the small town connections are so great!

The support from my family and friends is EVERYTHING… my parents are coming to tomorrow’s market (they also came to last month’s market) and are bringing us dinner so that we don’t have to think about food tomorrow night.  My brother and sister in law are bringing their kids from Seattle.  My cousin who lives in downtown Seattle came up last month and is planning to come tomorrow and has a shopping list already!  My aunt and my cousin and her family came to the last market from Tacoma – a two hour drive!  Some of our friends couldn’t make it to the market, but they sent really sweet, supportive and loving texts and messages letting me know they were thinking of me, and waiting to hear all the details.

Most of our family and friends thought we were a little crazy to be moving into the country with nearly eight acres in our 40’s, but I think people get it now.  (I don’t think any of these people are thinking of making this move themselves, mind you, but they understand why we did it and why we’re happy here.)

So, as I finish up decorating 700 billion cookies, and finalizing the plan for our display… and checking and double checking the weather forecast for our market tomorrow – which, at this moment, is not looking very good, I’m staring at this photo, and feeling grateful and supported and loved.   (And hoping that tomorrow looks a little more like this… and NOT 70% chance of rain.)

Rain or Shine, the Makers and Growers Market happens tomorrow, May 25 from 9 am to 4 pm at our homestead – 30709 68th Ave NW Stanwood, WA.    Come out and see what I’m talking about – and do a little shopping while you’re here, too!  Support our community and these brave people who have amazing skills!



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