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First Makers and Growers Market… a great success!

Yesterday was the first Makers and Growers Market and it was amazing.  Everything went so well, all the work we did to get ready and make connections completely paid off.  The weather was nearly perfect – the sun was out most of the time… there were a few crazy wind gusts that caused the tents to leave the ground for a moment, a potting stand to blow over, and some of the metal yard art had a little fall – but no big damage.  We started off with a bang when there was a car accident right in front of our property four minutes after we opened… I think everyone was okay, though and it was cleaned up pretty quickly.

We had 10 booths with tons of awesome products, and we think there were between 200 and 300 shoppers throughout the day.  It was so great to see friends and family and to meet so many neighbors and people passing through. Lots of fun stories were shared and connections were made.  We even had several people asking to be part of the next market on May 25th.

I didn’t take a lot of pictures, and the ones I took weren’t great because I was busy chatting and selling and checking in with everyone… and trying to be responsible for my kids and property, too.  Here are the ones I took and a few that I copied from others who shared pictures (Thank you, Wayne, and Heidi!)

This is our booth – we sold the double chair but the single ones are still available!!   We also have some dryer balls and photo greeting cards.  Email us if you’re interested! 🙂
BriAnn and Melissa had the booth closest to the road 
Christopher’s “Glassholes” were very popular!  And Amy is there with her beautiful smiling face (and lots of beautiful wood decor!)

Kris and Wayne’s booth is just past and behind Carson

Our kids had a great time passing out cookies and lemonade, and giving farm tours, and they had lots of help from other kids passing through with their parents.  
A much better view of Kris and Wayne’s booth
A view of the market during a quiet time… Becca’s booth is on the left, and Wild Roses’ booth on the right.   
Another veiw of Wild Roses’ booth and Kim’s booth just past it.
Very cute and sweet kids at the beginning of the day!  So fun to see Ella Jo! 🙂
When the cookies were gone, and Shaleigh was ready to go play with the kids, she thought it would be good to let everyone know that the kids’ booth was closed (or closd)… 🙂

Here are the things that we got to keep at the end of the market! 🙂

A welcome sign made by Kris Wendell
Bear juggling fish by Freeborn Metal Art
Wood decor with a farm theme by A & R Decor
Suet bird feeder with suet eggs by Rebecca Pratt
Cotton scrubbies by Kim Erickson
A book from Rebecca Pratt that we’re both looking forward to reading
Bird house by Wayne Wendell


Thank you to everyone who helped make this a wonderful day!  We’re already looking foward to and planning the next one on May 25th.  We hope you’ll join us!


  • Riley Martin

    We had a wonderful time at the Market! Picked up some greeting cards with beautiful original photography, a very intriguing book about Rebecca Pratt’s Dad’s experiences in WWII, a scrubbie!, a clear teardrop hanging vase with tillandsia (air plant), cookies from the Kid’s table, and a tour or the alpacas, sheep and chickens. Who could ask for anything more from a brand new Makers and Growers market? The next markets, and the Farm Stand as the Summer comes should be abbondanza with veggies and fruits and lots more amazing crafts. We’ll be back!

    • stevenshomestead

      Thank you for coming!! It was so great to introduce you around! And the kids loved bragging about their Granny!😍

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