**NEW** Products For Sale Page

A sample of some of the products we make and grow here on the homestead.


I just added a page to our website called “Products For Sale”… guess what I have there?


You guessed it, you’re so smart!

There you will find some of the products we have for sale made and grown by us, here on the homestead.

Here’s the link:  http://stevenshomestead.com/products-for-sale/

(You can also find it in the tabs along the top of the home page here on our website.)

Today I posted some of the things that were left over after the Makers and Growers Market… alpaca dryer balls, cedar patio furniture, wooden fish, photo greeting cards, and cork hearts.

I’m sure that they weren’t left because people didn’t want them… who WOULDN’T want alpaca balls?  I’m sure people were just overwhelmed with all the great things we had here, and they didn’t want to spend their life savings on the first market, when there are so many more coming up.  Next one is May 25th, you know… less than a month!

Here’s the thing, though… Mother’s Day is just right around the corner… only 12 days away!  Some of these things would be great gifts for Mother’s Day… AND you’ll be supporting a local, family business… US!  The Stevenses!  And Father’s Day is coming up, too.  Fathers LOVE to have a nice place to sit outside… and they LOVE to have wooden fish hanging on the wall, especially if those fish have key hooks so they don’t have to ask everyone where they put their keys!  And Mothers and Fathers would love to have a greeting card with beautiful scenery, especially once you fill it with all your heartfelt thank yous and I love yous inside!

So check it out… maybe you can CHECK some shopping off your list, too! 🙂  You can email me at stevenshomestead@hotmail.com or send me a message on our Facebook page and we’ll figure out the details.



First Makers and Growers Market… a great success!

Yesterday was the first Makers and Growers Market and it was amazing.  Everything went so well, all the work we did to get ready and make connections completely paid off.  The weather was nearly perfect – the sun was out most of the time… there were a few crazy wind gusts that caused the tents to leave the ground for a moment, a potting stand to blow over, and some of the metal yard art had a little fall – but no big damage.  We started off with a bang when there was a car accident right in front of our property four minutes after we opened… I think everyone was okay, though and it was cleaned up pretty quickly.

We had 10 booths with tons of awesome products, and we think there were between 200 and 300 shoppers throughout the day.  It was so great to see friends and family and to meet so many neighbors and people passing through. Lots of fun stories were shared and connections were made.  We even had several people asking to be part of the next market on May 25th.

I didn’t take a lot of pictures, and the ones I took weren’t great because I was busy chatting and selling and checking in with everyone… and trying to be responsible for my kids and property, too.  Here are the ones I took and a few that I copied from others who shared pictures (Thank you, Wayne, and Heidi!)

This is our booth – we sold the double chair but the single ones are still available!!   We also have some dryer balls and photo greeting cards.  Email us if you’re interested! 🙂
BriAnn and Melissa had the booth closest to the road 
Christopher’s “Glassholes” were very popular!  And Amy is there with her beautiful smiling face (and lots of beautiful wood decor!)

Kris and Wayne’s booth is just past and behind Carson

Our kids had a great time passing out cookies and lemonade, and giving farm tours, and they had lots of help from other kids passing through with their parents.  
A much better view of Kris and Wayne’s booth
A view of the market during a quiet time… Becca’s booth is on the left, and Wild Roses’ booth on the right.   
Another veiw of Wild Roses’ booth and Kim’s booth just past it.
Very cute and sweet kids at the beginning of the day!  So fun to see Ella Jo! 🙂
When the cookies were gone, and Shaleigh was ready to go play with the kids, she thought it would be good to let everyone know that the kids’ booth was closed (or closd)… 🙂

Here are the things that we got to keep at the end of the market! 🙂

A welcome sign made by Kris Wendell
Bear juggling fish by Freeborn Metal Art
Wood decor with a farm theme by A & R Decor
Suet bird feeder with suet eggs by Rebecca Pratt
Cotton scrubbies by Kim Erickson
A book from Rebecca Pratt that we’re both looking forward to reading
Bird house by Wayne Wendell


Thank you to everyone who helped make this a wonderful day!  We’re already looking foward to and planning the next one on May 25th.  We hope you’ll join us!

Makers and Growers Market Sneak Peek #6 – BriAnn Boots

Only two more sleeps til the Makers and Growers Market!  We’re working on all the finishing touches and coordination and last minute plans!  Portapotty arrives today… now this is getting real! 🙂

Today’s Sneak Peek is my friend and cross-the-street-neighbor, BriAnn Boots!  She’s one of the first people I told about the idea of the market and she was all in right away, and she’s been a great planning buddy and has made all of the super cute signs! She and I have also been talking about our farm stand since last summer – and now it’s happening! She’s an amazing maker AND grower and I’m so excited she’s part of this! She’ll have veggie starts, cute potted plants, planter boxes and other wood decor at the market on Saturday.

Here are some samples!


We’re in the Paper!!

Hey Looky Here!

We’re in the local paper!  (Click the link to see the write up!)

I wrote a press release for the Stanwood Camano News and submitted it, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised… still cool, right!?!


Makers and Growers Market – Sneak Peek #6 – Kim Erickson

Today’s Makers and Growers Market Sneak Peek is our friend, Kim Erickson.  She’s bringing cotton crocheted wash cloths, healthy dog biscuits, small repurposed furniture and vintage minibars.  Look at her cute set up!


I’m so excited to see all of this in person in just four days!

Join us on Saturday, April 27th from 9 am to 4 pm.  See you there!

Makers and Growers Market Sneak Peek #5 – Wild Roses (Marissa Cornish the Urban Farm Girl and Christianna Burns)

The Makers and Growers Market is just five days away, and today’s sneak peek is Wild Roses, a collaboration of Marissa Cornish (the Urban Farm Girl) and Christianna Burns.  Marissa ran the Urban Farm Girl store in Marysville until last year and has such a great eye for cute, farmy stuff.

Together, they’ll have felted soap, silicone teethers and baby items, bath bombs, bath salts, up cycled furniture, vintage treasures and fiber!  Look at the pictures below of some of the amazing booths that Marissa has set up.




I can’t wait to see what she comes up with here next week!  Come join us on Saturday, April 27th from 9 am to 4 pm.  Click here for more details.

Makers and Growers Market Sneak Peek #4

The Makers and Growers Market is less than a week away and we’re nearly ready and so excited to share the day with so many people. I’m so amazed by all the interest – both sellers and shoppers, and I’m so grateful for all the support I’m getting for my “little” dream!

Sneak Peek #4 is our friends Kris and Wayne Wendell. Kris makes wood decor signs, and grows beautiful dahlias. She’ll have the signs and dahlia tubers for sale at the market. And her husband Wayne makes planter boxes and bird houses that everyone will love!

Here are some samples of Kris’ work.


57096931_858994127776220_4919253063195164672_n (1)









Come see us on Saturday, April 27th from 9 am to 4 pm. You won’t be disappointed! 🙂

Makers and Growers Market Sneak Peek #3 – Amy Ely and A & R Decor

Sneak Peek #3 for the Makers and Growers Market is Amy Ely from A & R Decor.  They make beautiful fractal wood burned art.

Look at these:


You can also check out their amazing website at www.warmarts.com.

And come see them in person at our Makers and Growers Market on April 27th from 9 am to 4 pm.  See you there!

Farm Stand

We’ve spent the past few days working on the Farm Stand.  Wait til you see how beautiful it is!  I’ll give you a little history first.

We got this amazing hay feeder from our neighbor to the south.


She bought it 20 years ago from another farm nearby and used it for her horses and llamas.  It can hold 12 bales of hay in the enclosed part and, I’d say, at least one or two bales in the feeder part.  The horses have been gone for a while and the llamas have been gone for a couple of years, and we could the hay feeder was sitting in the field and used for storage.

We had a cool plan for our farm stand.  We bought a pickup truck bed turned trailer, and Carson was going to build a little building on top – like this:

What do you think of this beautiful concept of selling your garden flowers ?   ++ Keepingitcozy

Isn’t that cute??!!

Carson’s been busy with work, and it’s spring and there are a million chores to do here, and we’re all busy making and growing for our market on April 27th.  Carson just wasn’t going to have time to get it done in time for the Market, which is when we were hoping to introduce the farm stand.

Our neighbor across the street, BriAnn, got to work and made a super cute one we could use in the meantime.  Look at this:

BriAnn's farm stand

I’m so amazed at the things that my friends are able to make!  This was going to be amazing as our temporary farm stand, and then even better as her potting table! 🙂

But, one day, Carson said, “you know what would make a good farm stand?  Debbie’s Hay Feeder”.   So the next time I saw Debbie, I told her that, really, just sharing the idea, just thinking that SHE could make it a farm stand someday.  She said, Okay, lets do it!!  She said we could use it, “if and until” she needed it.  And two days later, her sister and brother-in-law hooked it up to his truck and brought it over.

Here it comes!


And just like that, it’s here!


A few days later, we decided to move it closer to the road so that it was more visible to passersby, and created more of a turnaround on our property for people to drive in and out.

That was a bigger job than we thought because the front axle wasn’t cooperating.  First Carson tried to use his truck to move it, but it wasn’t working.

He called in the crew!  Our neighbor to the north, Jim, and our new friend Mike, jumped in to help with ideas and help.  Plus, Old Blue (our tractor)!


And…. done! 🙂


I spent a couple of weeks thinking about it and looking at pictures and talking to BriAnn and a few other friends trying to figure out what we needed to do.  We decided a coat of paint would make it look clean and fresh and make it stand out more from the road.

Becca and I painted it in two hours one afternoon – just BEFORE the rain hit.  Luckily we got it all painted, and it dried quickly.   And BriAnn made the cutest signs you’ve ever seen, and put shelves in where the feeder is so we can put veggies and flowers on the shelf and they’ll be easily accessible.

Are you ready to see it all done?

Let’s first look at the before pics…

OK… ready for after?


Here’s one with cute Homestead Kids and Homestad Childcare kids!

And TADA!!!

Isn’t it the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?!?

Doesn’t it make you want to buy some veggies, fruits and flowers??!!  🙂

Makers and Growers Market Sneak Peek #2 – Melissa Borthwick

With the Makers and Growers Market only nine days away, I’m sharing some sneak peeks of what we’ll have at the market.  Sneak Peek #1 (in case you missed it) was some of what we have made and grown here on the homestead; here’s the link to that post.

Today’s Sneak Peek is Melissa Borthwick’s amazing quilts and blankets.  Look at these bright, colorful patterns!

I can’t wait to see them in person!

Melissa also has air plants in simple and beautiful displays that I’m sure will be a hit!  Who wouldn’t want these on their kitchen or bathroom counter, windowsill, desk, or bedside table?!

Aren’t they the sweetest?!

Join us here on April 27th from 9 am to 4 pm at 30709 68th Ave NW Stanwood.  You won’t want to miss it!