❤Moose and Cotter❤

These boys!  Moose is our nearly six-year-old chocolate lab and Cotter is our two-year-old Golden Lab (golden retriever and lab mix).


They love to play like this all the time.   They share balls and toys and beds.

They seem to take turns being the boss and being submissive.  After this weekend with our friends’ bull mastiff puppy, though, we all kind of agree that Cotter might be the boss… which is a little scary because he’s not the sharpest tool in the shed.  We love him though, and he is really trying to be a good boy!










So fun to watch the boys play!


Homestead Campout

Our very good friends came to the homestead for the weekend and we had a “campout”!

Camping breakfast

We have an outdoor Blackstone Griddle and Carson whipped up eggs (from our chickens), bacon and sausage.  I made toast, and plated the store-bought muffins and danishes! 🙂

We went crabbing just off Camano Island.  My kids and I took the car and met everyone else at the beach because space in the boat was limited and we get to go all the time.  Neither kid was super happy about missing it, but they got to do some beach combing and sky watching!

Shaleigh decided to build a nest for the seagulls that were hanging around so that she could lure them over to her to get a closer look.  It was so sweet the way she found things to make the nest… she even served up crab legs that she found on the beach.


It wasn’t the greatest weather forecast… they predicted thunder and lightning and rain… It was crazy how the stormy skies were all around us, but there was actually blue sky above the beach we were hanging out on.

Here come the boats with our people!  Braden said he was going to pull them in.  🙂

It was great fun hanging out on the beach.  The kids got so dirty and had a ball digging up clams and shells and rocks and playing together… and the grown ups chatted and people watched.

Our friends have an 8-month old bull mastiff named Lambeau!  He’s huge and so sweet and handsome.  The dogs did a good job of playing together and Lambeau got more playing and running in than he has in his whole life.  I’m sure he was a tired pup when he got home!

The alpacas loved watching the puppies play… they’re supposed to be afraid of dogs, but they are no more afraid of our dogs (and our friends’ dogs) than they are of me! 🙂

The crabbies are cooked, now it’s time to clean!  Braden loves to help with this job.  It cracks me up!

There’s a burn ban in our area because we haven’t had enough rain but we are allowed to have very small contained campfires.  The kids didn’t think it was a camping trip if we didn’t have s’mores, so we had a teeny tiny campfire and each kid and a couple of adults had s’mores… and the grownups had adult beverages!

I’m embarrassed and a little sad to say that this is the first purely recreational camp fire we’ve ever had in this house.  We have had a lot of fires to burn boxes and wrapping paper, yard waste and other scraps, but never purely for fun.  I think it’s safe to say it won’t be the last!  We have a friend who loves to have “campfire chats”, and feels that many things are revealed about a person around a campfire that aren’t revealed otherwise… I think she’s probably right!  More campfire chats needed!! 🙂