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Big Day on the Homestead!

First, we had Carrie from Snohomish County Conservation District over for a farm visit.   I heard about county conservation districts at the Llama Information Day (that was Whatcom Conservation District).  They are nationwide in every county and their goal is to help property owners do what they need to do while protecting natural resources.  They provide farm maps, and help with nearly everything related to the land.   We are such newbies and we just needed a little bit of guidance on our farm and what we need to do next.  I have been particularly worried about the weeds on our property and whether they are toxic to alpacas (nope!), and the creek that runs through our woods.   I’ll write more about the visit and the awesome resources they provide in a few days… it was a great experience and I highly recommend it.


… wait for it….

… the big news….



We’re so ready and so excited to have them home.  The kids and I did some last minute shopping yesterday (water troughs, chains and locks for the gates) and did some cleaning up in the alpaca area – picking up branches and garbage and dog poop, and cleaning out the building in their field to make sure we got all the old wood and nails and that it’s all ready.

Carson needs to put the final touches on their shelter and finalize a couple of details.  Our neighbor is helping us out with straw for their bedding, and we’re ready!!!  They should arrive tomorrow around 1 pm!

This little heart-shaped patch of dry grass in the alpaca field helps me know that this is right!


Shaleigh made a welcome sign to hang in the shelter. 🙂 Welcome Phoebe, Midori and Zoe. (We’ll work on her spelling later! 🙂




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